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Guru fund tracks 'smart money' investments
By Chris Clair
08/15/2014 1:26:07 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Bruno Del Ama's Global X Guru exchange-traded fund bases its holdings on the 13-F filings by hedge fund managers, which this quarter showed mixed sentiment ...

Bet with the house in Caesars showdown
By Reuters Breakingviews
08/12/2014 6:13:37 PM ET
Posted in : Reuters Breakingviews

Bet with the house in the Caesars showdown. Bondholders including Oaktree Capital and Elliott Management, led respectively by Howard Marks and Paul Singer, ...

Gaffen and Garnick: This is not your dad's M&A market
By Chris Clair
08/12/2014 1:43:30 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Reuters markets editor David Gaffen and Clear Alternatives' chief executive Diane Garnick talk about mergers and acquisitions. Unlike what's occurred in ...

Little fresh evidence in new Allergan suit
By Alison Frankel, Reuters
08/05/2014 12:06:20 PM ET
Posted in : Daily News

A few days after the Canadian pharmaceutical company Valeant announced that it had teamed up with the activist investor William Ackman to bid for Botox ...

CNBC didn't screw up their interview with Winton's David Harding
By Attain Capital
07/31/2014 2:17:29 PM ET
Posted in : Managed Futures

If you haven't noticed… Winton Capital's CEO David Harding is taking the press by storm this summer. We'd like to think that our interview with Harding ...

BP - An Opportunity Or A Value Trap As Sanctions Bite Russia?
By Thomson Reuters AlphaNow
07/30/2014 5:26:40 PM ET
Posted in : AlphaNow

The phrase "may you live in interesting times" is supposedly a Chinese curse, but it certainly seems to apply to BP plc. Still recovering from ...

Axler touts value of activst strategies; says they help bring fraud to light
By Chris Clair
07/24/2014 4:46:31 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Ben Axler, founder of Spruce Point Capital Management and co-founder of Prescience Point Research Group, tells Reuters' Jeanine Prezioso that short sellers ...

Carl Icahn picks better oil loser than Jana
By Reuters Breakingviews
07/23/2014 6:29:16 PM ET
Posted in : Reuters Breakingviews

Carl Icahn has picked a better oil industry loser to invest in than Jana Partners. The septuagenarian activist could extract a 40 percent return from his ...

Flat Coke gives Pepsi a breather in activist fight
By Reuters Breakingviews
07/23/2014 6:11:10 PM ET
Posted in : Reuters Breakingviews

Coke's flat performance is giving PepsiCo boss Indra Nooyi a breather. Growth in snacks helped salvage the second quarter for her. Weak North American ...

Ackman attacks Herbalife, becomes emotional
By Chris Clair
07/23/2014 5:06:54 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Pershing Square Capital Management's William Ackman gave a presentation on Tuesday [July 22] to lay out his case that nutrition and weight loss company ...

High-yield extremely overvalued: Fridson
By Chris Clair
07/18/2014 4:46:43 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Junk bond expert Marty Fridson tells Rhonda Schaffler that high-yield debt should be trading at much higher spreads than it is, but he is finding some ...

Alternative investments: why do we care?
By Attain Capital
07/18/2014 12:00:36 PM ET
Posted in : Managed Futures

Have you ever gotten into an argument and thought of the perfect "come back" line a days later, or wish you had said something a little different ...

Utilizing European volatility during the current market conditions
By Mark Shore, Shore Capital Management
07/16/2014 9:55:03 AM ET
Posted in : Managed Futures

The political uncertainty in some Eastern Europe countries caused volatility and stress in the European equity markets. This article examines the recent ...

Weak trading bites into profits at JPMorgan and Goldman
By Chris Clair
07/15/2014 6:31:14 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Lackluster fixed income trading gouged the profits at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs, but not by as much as had been feared. Reuters' Fred ...

It's been a difficult year for hedge funds: Steinbrugge
By Chris Clair
07/10/2014 6:24:46 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Don Steinbrugge, managing partner at Agecroft Partners, says it has been a difficult year for hedge funds performance-wise, but good for asset flows – ...

Financials could post worst Q2 earnings among S&P sectors
By Chris Clair
07/10/2014 1:58:22 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Thomson Reuters' Sri Raman says financials are expected to see earnings decline by 3% in Q2 as mortgage revenues remain week and low market volatility ...

United Capital CEO Duran: We could see another LTCM
By Chris Clair
07/09/2014 6:04:36 PM ET
Posted in : Video

United Capital's Joe Duran says that, while bank balance sheets look better than they did during the financial crisis, nothing has been done to regulate ...

Wall Street to Congress: Don't ban HFT, make markets rig-proof
By Chris Clair
07/09/2014 5:46:54 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Intercontinental Exchange CEO Jeffrey Sprecher and other exchange leaders testify before the Senate Banking Committee that targeted reforms could help ...

U.S. insider trading cops pick a bad time to lose
By Reuters Breakingviews
07/09/2014 5:39:52 PM ET
Posted in : Reuters Breakingviews

Wall Street watchdogs have picked a bad time to lose a case. )—Rengan Rajaratnam, brother of convicted Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam, was acquitted ...

Jack Bogle says HFT should not worry investors
By Chris Clair
07/08/2014 12:31:19 PM ET
Posted in : Video

Speaking at the 2014 Reuters Wealth Management Summit, Vanguard's Jack Bogle says the average investor isn't affected by high-frequency trading. "High-frequency ...

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