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Lipper Industry Trends and Product Innovation Guide 2013


Lipper has just published its 2013 Industry Trends and Product Innovation Guide. Readers will benefit from a deeper perspective on
  • A backdrop on the recent history of industry fund flows - the report shows how flows have vacillated across macro groups, product types and classifications due to market events
  • A breakdown of fund flows, performance, new product launches and liquidations by product type and classifications
  • A discussion of macro and demographic impacts on product winners and losers now and into the near future
Some of the highlights of the report include:
  • A review of the top and bottom performance and flows generators at the product type, macro classification and fund classification level.
  • Discussion and data describing how flows are reacting to "risk-on/risk-off" and the hunt for yield
  • A review of how new flows are showing favor to mixed asset and alternative funds
  • A look at how ETP flows reflect the market positioning strategies and exposure preferences of their generally more sophisticated investor base
  • A look at how seemingly stodgy closed end funds might be the perfect incubators for compelling new products
  • How the top fund promoters of 2013 clearly reflect flows winners such as passive, mixed asset and enhanced beta
  • Liquidations proliferating in areas of consistent outflows such as large cap equity products as well as in hot flows areas that have seen an overflow of launches such as mixed asset funds
  • Industry implications of changes in investor demands due to demographic trends and market volatility
Who Should buy the report?
  • PRODUCT MANAGERS To better understand where new product innovation opportunities are now and where they'll likely be in the future. For example, will the emerging dominance of mixed asset products such as target date funds and alternative products such as absolute return funds be a trend that continues?
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT DISTRIBUTORS To have an understanding of which product strategies do well in which market environments and under which product type. For example, even the safest fixed income strategy can struggle in an uncertain rate environment, while floating rate funds stay buoyant. What will rise to the top next?
  • INVESTMENT STRATEGISTS To gain insights on how flows have reacted to macro events across classifications and product types to help them understand how to best position themselves opportunistically around future market movements. Case in point - how ETF investors react instantly to macro-events while open-end investors tend to have a more long-term view. Do these flow tendencies create investment signals?
  • ADVISORS AND SELF-DIRECTED INVESTORS To help them gain a better understanding of the new products on offer and how to use them within a portfolio to achieve their risk management, income and wealth
Click here to download the executive summary and table of contents.

For more information, contact Greg Winterton at greg.winterton@thomsonreuters.com or call (+1) 646 223 6787.


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