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Dubai creates new fund class to lure asset managers
By Reuters
08/19/2014 9:56:38 AM ET

DUBAI (Reuters)—Dubai is changing its financial rules in an effort to attract more asset managers – particularly those serving the richest and most risk-tolerant investors, such as hedge funds and private equity funds – to base themselves in the emirate. The rules create a new class of funds that can be domiciled in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), facing less stringent regulation and thus lower costs than existing funds.
Global financial watchdog calls for FX fix reforms, urges banks to clean up
By Reuters
07/15/2014 12:44:18 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters)—The world's top financial regulator on Tuesday [July 15] urged deep-rooted change to how currency benchmarks are set, encouraging market players to tighten up their governance, practices and controls rather than imposing stringent new regulation. The proposals come in response to allegations being investigated by regulators that dealers at major banks colluded and manipulated key reference rates in the $5.
Regulators lack data to probe shadow banking sector
By Reuters
05/02/2014 12:51:58 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters)—Shining a light on the murky $70 trillion world of "shadow banking" is proving tricky for regulators handicapped by too little data and under pressure to boost economic growth, and this means risks may be escaping proper scrutiny. Shadow banking, a term which annoys the sector because of its pejorative connotation, ranges from money market funds and repurchase agreements to special investment vehicles, hedge funds and securities lending.
DOJ probes finance firms' dealings with Libya
By Reuters
02/03/2014 12:21:20 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating banks, private equity firms and hedge funds that may have violated anti-bribery laws in their dealings with Libya's government-run investment fund, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.
EU bank trading plan stops short of U.S. Volcker rule
By Reuters
01/06/2014 1:16:20 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters)—Banks in the European Union face limits on taking market bets with their own money under a draft EU proposal that represents a central plank of attempts to prevent a repeat of the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009. Policymakers want to rein in excessive trading risks in the EU banking sector, whose assets total some €43 trillion ($59 trillion), that could threaten depositors if trades go wrong and potentially put taxpayers on the hook in a rescue.
Banks pay for past sins as U.S., Europe levy record fines
By Reuters
12/24/2013 11:07:46 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters)—U.S. and European regulators fined banks record amounts this year, imposing penalties and settlements of more than $43 billion as authorities work more closely across borders to clean up the financial sector.
U.S. permits some foreign swaps rules, EU still unhappy
By Reuters
12/23/2013 12:23:13 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—The United States granted foreign banks a reprieve from some of its new rules for risky derivatives, putting itself on a collision course with overseas regulators who want more reliance on home-country rules. The U.
U.S. spat looms with foreign regulators over swap rules
By Reuters
12/20/2013 12:18:45 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—The United States is on a collision course with regulators abroad as it plans to force foreign banks to comply with a host of new rules for risky derivatives, two sources close to the European Union said on Friday [Dec. 20].
CFTC set to declare overseas swaps rules inadequate: report
By Reuters
12/17/2013 1:30:29 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is set to force overseas financial firms to comply with its set of rules governing swaps, saying that the multiple rules developed by overseas regulators were not strict enough, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing an official familiar with the process. The U.
Banks will have to beef up capital buffers for fund investments
By Reuters
12/13/2013 11:05:36 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters)—Banks will have to hold more capital to cover investments in some "shadow banks," such as hedge funds and private equity, from January 2017, global regulators said on Friday [Dec. 13].
CFTC's O'Malia says more time needed on cross-border rules
By Reuters
12/04/2013 3:07:30 PM ET

SINGAPORE (Reuters)—U.S. regulators will likely miss a December deadline to finalize a key part of their cross-border rules on swaps trading, a top derivatives regulator said on Wednesday [Dec.
U.S. CFTC gives foreign banks more time on swap rules
By Reuters
11/27/2013 9:56:09 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—The U.S. swaps regulator issued a temporary reprieve from its rules for foreign banks after closing a loophole that had allowed trading to continue outside regulated platforms in the United States.
U.S. Fed's Tarullo wants more tools to counter shadow bank risks
By Reuters
11/22/2013 3:37:14 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—Global financial watchdogs should have more policy tools and powers over firms such as hedge funds to counter the risk of a devastating run on investment banks, the U.S.
UBS, Credit Suisse hit by threat of stricter capital rules
By Reuters
11/04/2013 11:28:14 AM ET

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been updated throughout. LONDON/ZÜRICH, Switzerland (Reuters)—UBS and Credit Suisse would have to hold far more capital than international rivals if Swiss lawmakers push ahead with proposals to impose even tougher rules to curb borrowing on the country's banks.
U.S. CFTC's top LIBOR enforcer quits
By Reuters
10/01/2013 11:15:39 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—The U.S. derivatives regulator's top enforcer, best known for hunting down and imposing big fines on investment banks for manipulating the LIBOR interest rate benchmark, will be stepping down this month, the agency said on Tuesday [Oct.
U.S. financial regulators would stop some operations in long shutdown
By Reuters
09/30/2013 1:49:44 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—If a budget stalemate in the U.S. Congress leads to an extended federal government shutdown, investors can expect potential interruptions to financial product approvals and new rules, though market oversight would not grind to a halt.
U.S. CFTC allows delay to smooth transition to swaps trading
By Reuters
09/30/2013 11:02:25 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters)—The U.S. derivatives regulator late on Friday [Sept. 27] gave a new and untested type of trading platform a bit more time to comply with some of its rules, to smooth the transition to regulated trading this week.
O'Malia: U.S. CFTC should rethink controversial margin rule
By Reuters
09/26/2013 2:41:46 PM ET

GENEVA (Reuters)—The Commodity Futures Trading Commission should reconsider a proposal to bar brokers from using excess money from one customer to cover the temporary shortfall of another, a top U.S.
Investors urge EU to be firm on more competition in share trading
By Reuters
09/25/2013 1:39:02 PM ET

LONDON (Reuters)—A broad coalition of investors, asset managers and brokers appealed to the European Union on Wednesday [Sept. 25] not to dilute proposed rule changes that would open securities trading to more competition.
U.S. CFTC's Gensler: LIBOR overhaul will take time
By Reuters
09/19/2013 11:53:06 AM ET

LONDON (Reuters)—A top U.S. regulator stepped back from previous calls to scrap the LIBOR interbank lending rate, saying instead that reform needed to be led at a global level and would take time.

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