How to Buy Dexioprotocol (new) (DEXI) [For Beginners]

If you have any interest to buy Dexioprotocol (new) (DEXI), you will be required to have either Bitcoin abbreviated as (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) for trading purposes. I have reviewed the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance in this post to help you determine the best sites to buy cryptocurrency using a credit card or bank account. Take a read and get tips on the best cryptocurrency trading.

Step 1: How to create a Binance account:

1.1 Visit Binance’s Website (

binance homepage

Sign Up Binance Now

There have been several phishing cases reported over the past years that are imitations to the original site, it is essential to scrutinize the URL to the website keenly. First, be on the lookout for the ‘Secure’ certificate that should pop up in your address bar and that acts as a confirmation of the site’s genuineness. Second, to be extra safe while trading on the platform, ensure to bookmark the authentic site to evade any confusion in future searches.

1.2 Fill in your trading details

You have to fill in your details by going to the ‘’Register” tab found in the right-hand corner of the website’s page and fill in your trading details. For instance, you will need to fill in your mobile number or you choose to use your email address. For the email address, it is necessary to use your main email that you can access easily and the most secure one since you will need it to sign in to your Binance account always.

You also need to choose a strong password for your email; a strong password should comprise a mix of numbers, symbols, upper and lower-case letters. You will receive a 6-digit code via the email you provided as your account’s verification code and for completing the registration process.

1.3 Allow 2FA-Two-factor authentication (Optional)

To make your account more secure you need to allow use of a two-factor authentication after your first log in. Trust me; it is vital to set up the 2FA because it makes your account more secure from any hacking activity!

Every time you log in with the two-factor authentication, you will need to provide a unique code once your type in your email and password. To get your unique code, use the Google authenticator app downloaded into your smartphone.

Step 2: Buying your first Bitcoin (BTC)

buy bitcoin with credit card

To send money to your Crypto wallet account on Binance either directly via your bank account through SWIFT money transfer or you can opt to use your debit/credit card. For this part, I will guide you on how to use your credit card.

Binance previously didn’t allow the use of credit or debit cards on its platform, but the same has been introduced. Binance partnered with Simplex to allow its users to use their credit and debit cards to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum. This has led to faster Crypto transaction speeds, low transaction charges, and more transaction flexibility.

I highly recommend buying Bitcoin first and then trading it for the right amount of Dexioprotocol (new) (DEXI).

It is easy to purchase Bitcoins via your credit card but I will elaborate on best ways you can do it step-by-step to make sure you understand all the trading nitty-gritty.

  1. Move your mouse’s cursor to ‘Buy Crypto’ tab found on the top bar and activate the dropdown menu. Then choose the currency, For instance, US Dollars, and click the ‘Credit/Debit Card’ to lead you to the next step.
  2. You be led to the next page; in this page you will see options to choose the desired Bitcoin (Select BTC), and the amount you need to spend to buy your choice Bitcoin amount. The total amount you need to spend will be displayed according to the Bitcoin amount you request and the matching market price at that time (inclusive of all fees). However, you can choose to first set the total charge then the system will automatically calculate the order amount for you.
  3. Next, click “Buy BTC. A window that contains all the details of your order will pop up. However, before you confirm your order you need to read the disclaimer and Terms of Use. Once satisfied, confirm your order by ticking the tab and head to “Go to payment’’; click.
  4. Fill in your credit card details and personal information too. Once done, you need to click “Pay now” and give it a moment to verify your details.
  5. You will be required to verify your email and phone number if it happens to be your first simplex payment via a code send through your email or an SMS. Complete the verification process by opening the link in your email and type in the code you receive via SMS. Once you do all the above, you can click “Continue”.
  6. Verification of identity follows next via the use of an official document. Basically upload your identification document photo accompanied by your personal details and click the “Upload Document” tab.

Lastly, your personal document will be approved once verified by the system and an email send to show the confirmation of order purchase. Subsequently, your Binance account is credited with the purchased BTC or Ethereum.

Step 3: Creating a Metamask Account

Search for website or search for “Metamask extension” in your computer’s browser (you can install Metamask for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers).

Below I will show you how to install MetaMask extension for Chrome.

Look for ‘Add to Chrome” then click it to install MetaMask as a Google Chrome extension.

install metamask for your browser

Then, you have to click “Add Extension”.

add metamask to chrome

If you do all the above, you will have successfully installed MetaMask extension. It is easy as that! Next, you need to add your existing cryptocurrency wallet.

Just create a cryptocurrency wallet if you don’t have one yet. It is easy to do so.

Once the extension is installed, then, click on the icon found in the upper right corner to open the MetaMask. Also, make sure to read and accept the terms.

new to metamask

Still, you need to create a strong password and ‘click Create’.

After clicking “create”, you will see a 12 words seed phrase. You need to save seed words as a file or copy them to a safe place and click “I’ve copied it somewhere safe”.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully created an account in MetaMask with a new wallet address!

Go to Etherscan (Ethereum blockchain explorer) to view your address, check the QR code, copy your wallet’s address to clipboard or export your wallet’s private key.

Step 4: Depositing ETHEREUM to your MetaMask wallet

Move your cursor to “account name” found at the top of the window, which will show “Copy to clipboard”

Next, click on the “account name” and copy your address.

copy your address

Then, paste the copied address in the “recipient” field in the App where you are sending your ETHEREUM or tokens from.

Choose the amount you want to send, follow all the steps to complete and submit the transaction and make sure to choose transfer network “Ethereum (ETH) ERC20”.

Important to Note: You need to look for guidance from the organization of the App you are using for information on how to move your ETHEREUM/tokens.

Step: 5 How to Make Your First Trade on Sushiswap

To do this, you need to go to the Sushiswap exchange website.

It is found on the top right, then click the ‘Connect to a wallet’ button, and log in with the wallet you wish to trade with.

connect sushiswap

For this, log in with a MetaMask wallet.

After you have logged in, the trading window will appear.

In the top field, choose the token you wish to exchange for the token you want. Let us choose ETH. Once in the bottom field, look for the token you wish to buy, or choose it from the drop-down menu, in this case (DEXI).

Once you do all that you can place your preferred order. Also, you can either choose how much you want to spend by typing a number in the top field, or select how much to buy by typing a number in the bottom one.

Look at the bottom of the order menu; you’ll be able to view how much you can expect to get.

If you’re satisfied with the amount, just click the ‘Swap’ button.

After clicking your wallet will show require you to confirm the trade, and potentially set the fees to a number that works best for you.

Once you do all the above, then, confirm the transaction and it will then be processed. After it is done, your tokens will show in your ERC20 wallet.

Other Exchanges to Buy Cryptos

The following are other sites you can buy from these exchanges:

HotBit (Which permits US investors)

MXC (This exchange allows US investors)



Huobi Global

On top of the above-listed exchanges, there are some more common crypto exchanges where daily trading volumes and a huge user base is available. This helps to ensure that you can sell your coins any time you want and the charges for the trading are not high. It is recommended that you should also register on these exchanges because whenever Dexioprotocol (new) gets listed there it give the traders who have already registered a large amount of trading volumes, that means you will be provided with some great trading opportunities!

Final Step: How to Store Dexioprotocol (new) securely in hardware wallets

1. Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S Live Crypto Wallet

  • Easy to set up and has a friendly trading interface.
  • Allows use on desktops and laptops
  • Lightweight and Portable too
  • Has been designed to Support most blockchains and a wide range of (ERC-20) tokens
  • Has many trading languages.
  • Designed by a well-established company found in 2014 with great chip security
  • It is not expensive but can be acquired at affordable price

Buy Ledger Nano S Now

2. Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano x Live Crypto Wallet

  • It made with a more advanced and secure element chip (ST33) than Ledger Nano S
  • Has an easy design that allows the use on desktop or laptop, or even smartphone and tablet through Bluetooth connection.
  • Also Lightweight and Portable and has a built-in rechargeable battery
  • Has a Larger screen
  • Comes with more storage space compared toLedger Nano S
  • It supports most blockchains and wide range of (ERC-20) tokens
  • Provides several  languages for every customer
  • It was designed by a famous company found in 2014 with great chip security
  • Can be obtained at an affordable price

Buy Ledger Nano X Now

If you still have plans to stay at hodl” as some people call it, basically misspelt “hold” (which become famous as time passes) your Dexioprotocol (new) for some long time, you need to find ways to ensure it stays safe safe,

However Binance is the most safe cryptocurrency exchange, in the past few years there have been hacking incidents and funds were lost. Because of the design of the wallets in exchanges, they will be accessible always via the internet (“Hot Wallets” as they are called), therefore exposing certain aspects of weaknesses.

Thus safeguard your cryptos by putting them in “Cold Wallets”, where the wallet will only have access to the blockchain(or simply “go online”) when you send out funds,. This reduces the chances of being hacked. For example, use a paper wallet which is a type of free cold wallet. It can also be defined as an offline-produced  pair of public and private address and that you write on a paper for keeping safely with you. But, it is not permanent and may be faced by certain risk.

Thus, Hardware wallet is therefore the best compared to cold wallets. Since they are usually USB-enabled devices that can hold the key information of your wallet in the safest manner. Also they are designed using military-level security and their firmware’s are continuously upgraded by their manufacturers and this makes them extra safe to use.  For example, Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X and are most common hardware wallets, you can buy one at $50 to $100 depending on the specifications they have.  I highly recommend these for holding your assets because these wallets are a worthy every penny according to my experience and opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy Dexioprotocol (new) with cash?

The answer is No. Because there is no way you can directly buy Dexioprotocol (new) with cash. But, using marketplaces such as LocalBitcoins to first buy Bitcoin, and completethe rest of the steps by transferring your bitcoin to respective AltCoin exchanges.

How do I Buy Bitcoin from local sellers?

You can go to LocalBitcoins that is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. It is more of a marketplace where users can buy and sell Bitcoins to and from each other. Users, known as traders, make advertisements to show their price and the payment method they want used. Then buyers buy from the traders to buy from sellers in a particular nearby region on the platform. LocalBitcoins is after all a good place to go to buy Bitcoins when it is impossible for you to find your favorite payment methods somewhere else. The site’s prices are high and you have you have to be extra careful to avoid conmen.

What are the quickest ways I can buy Dexioprotocol (new) while living in Europe?

While in Europe you have the advantage of buying cryptos in an easy and quick way. Because Europe has even online banks which help buyers to simply open an account and transfer money to exchanges such as Coinbase and Coinmama. Such banks which are common as online banks in Europe are Bunq, N26 and Revolut.

Can I use alternative platforms to purchase Dexioprotocol (new) or Bitcoin with credit cards?

Yes you can, you just need to visit Changelly which an easy to trade in site especially when it comes to buying Bitcoin with credit cards. It provides an automatic cryptocurrency exchange that gives a buyer the opportunity to exchange crypto fast and buy them using credit card. It has been designed to allow users to have easy crypto buying since it has a simple user interface and provides instructions that are easy to follow too.

About Dexioprotocol (new) (DEXI)

To learn more about this project, check out our deep dive of Dexioprotocol.

What Is Dexioprotocol (DEXI)?

Dexioprotocol (DEXI) is a community-driven, multi-level protocol with a focus on creating a GameFi ecosystem. The goal is to create a vast ecosystem of games and interdependent relationships within our apps, wallet, network, NFT platform, and exchange.

DEXI is our native token and serves the following purposes:
1. DEXI will be used to pair with other tokens we list on our network
2. DEXI will be staked to receive DexiGov, a non-blockchain asset that gives its holders the ability to become validators on the network as well as earn dividends from corporate profits
3. DEXI will be used to stake in order for non-validators to “mine” DXG

Since DEXI launched, the company has launched:
* DexiWallet, where users can store and swap their digital assets and get up-to-date market information customized to their particular goals
* Dexigas (DXG), the in-game currency for blockchain based transactions and network gas token on the Smart Dexio Network
* DexiMarketplace, an NFT marketplace for creators and collectors
* DXG GameEmporium, a space to purchase or resell upgradeable gaming NFTs for use in its gaming ecosystem
* DexiKnights, an extremely competitive PvP/PvE game using upgradable NFTs where you’ll can to battle your way through realms, challenge other players, and upgrade your weapons directly through gameplay

Future plans can be found on the Dexioprotocol roadmap on the company’s website. These plans include:
* DexiSwap: our very own decentralized exchange for partner projects and exciting newcomers to the gaming and networking space
* Smart Dexio Network: By having our own network we will be able to pair other tokens with DEXI, minimize gas fees, increase the speed of transactions, manage governance
* DexiCash: A non-blockchain in-game currency that can be collected in our games or purchased through in-game purchases on the AppStore and PlayStore, providing flexiblity for those unable to participate in crypto due to regional llaws to still participate in the ecosystem
* A series of games in development now, including DexiCarnival, Legends of the Dexiverse, DexiHero, and the flagship augmented reality application, DexiHunter

The people behind Dexioprotocol have a record of developing applications and smart technologies, and these are two areas the team strives to bring together in the blockchain space. The main goal of the project is to arouse the maximum public interest in the crypto market and tell about possibilities and advantages of cryptocurrency.

Who Is The Team Behind Dexioprotocol?

The Dexioprotocol executive team includes Don Reyke, founder and CEO, and Greg Gould, COO.

Don is an experienced software engineer capable of programming in several languages. His passion for software development and programming started at a very young age. Don has an ambitious plan to explore and implement systems that give the public a chance to familiarize itself with cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and the many possibilities smart contracts provide in business, recreation, and education

Greg is an American businessman and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in business management and operations. His strengths are in personnel and team development which exponentially increases the performance of business operations. Greg’s primary role with Dexioprotocol is to facilitate the high functioning operations of both the project and its goals as well as the internal mechanics of the business itself.

Dexioprotocol has a team nearing 50 individuals supporting operations, game development, mobile app development, augmented reality development, design teams, and managers supporting its community. See more about the doxxed team and their background here.

What Makes Dexioprotocol (DEXI) Unique?

With a complete ecosystem of play-to-earn games, Dexioprotocol wants to introduce the world to the possibilities of blockchain technology. Their aim is to become the industry standard in Augmented Reality (AR) application development, in addition to revolutionizing blockchain-based gaming, launching the most user-friendly NFT platform found to-date, and developing their own blockchain network and swap exchange.

How it works: collecting AR rewards is a motivation for users, as well as collecting NFTs and in-game coins. Distribution of rewards depends on the level of physical activity of users themselves. The platform also acts as an educational resource for participants. In addition to all the above, Dexioprotocol will launch MMORPGs — massively multiplayer online role-playing games with the same unique features as the Dexi Hunter App.

Of the obvious advantages: the NFT game industry is developing rapidly, trading volume is gaining momentum. Dexioprotocol (DEXI) can discern the obvious potential of the current situation and take its place in the blockchain world. The developers plan to do everything in their power and expand the gaming experience with augmented reality.

Read about Dexigas.

CMC takes a deep dive into Dexioprotocol: features, tokenomics, price prediction by the link.
What is a non-fungible token (NFT)? Learn more with CMC Alexandria.

Read about PancakeSwap.

What is augmented reality (AR)? Click here and find out.

Check the top NFT games in 2021 here.

How Many Dexioprotocol (DEXI) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The platform is powered by the DEXI token, which was released on the BSC Mainnet. Dexioprotocol (DEXI) has a maximum supply of 500,000,000,000 $DEXI.

DEXI is a deflationary cryptocurrency: there were no pre-sale events, the creators burned 25% of the tokens during the launch phase (as voted by the community), 45.9 billion tokens were burned five weeks after the launch date, and an additional 10 billion were burned in October 2021 (again, as voted by the community.) Liquidity has been locked.

The current tokenomics are 5% of every transaction which is rewarded to the holders. The burn wallet is not excluded from this reallocation, so a portion of DEXI is being burned with every transaction. Thus, the token contract rewards everyone who holds DEXI, and burning of tokens increases its value (or stabilizes it), while preserving factors such as convenience and quality of service.

Upon migration to the Smart Dexio Network, the total supply of the tokens will be reduced by a ratio of 1000:1.

How Is the Dexioprotocol Network Secured?

Dexioprotocol (DEXI) can be securely stored on supported wallets that are connected to the Binance Smart Chain (MetaMask, TrustWallet, Binance Chain Wallet). Furthermore, Dexioprotocol has its own DEXI Wallet.

Protocol data is processed by a smart contract, and Dexioprotocol’s smart contract operates as an BEP-20 token on BSC. The Dexioprotocol network (including DXG and the DexiMarketplace) passed a successful audit by Brewlabs, the company conducted a comprehensive code review for vulnerabilities.

Where Can You Buy Dexioprotocol (DEXI)?

Dexioprotocol (DEXI) can be easily bought and sold directly using USDT on LBank Exchange, MEXC, P2PB2B, or swapped on PancakeSwap (V2) — a decentralized exchange (DEX) for swapping BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

All trades on PancakeSwap exchange are executed automatically using smart contracts, which eliminates counterparty risks. The Dexioprotocol contract address on BscScan is 0x29b1e39a529d3b3cacea55989594f71813e998bb.

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